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born 4th January1710
** In 2018 "This month's composer" featured was born on the 1st of the month, in 2019 on the 2nd and this year on the 3rd (unless no composer of note was born then).


The Music Club of London welcomes all who wish to join our friendly organization. Contact details of our Membership Secretary Margaret Murphy and an Application Form for membership are on this website.  


We arrange visits to concerts, recitals, ballets, operas and theatrical events mainly in London.  Other events of a cultural, educational and social nature are also held so that members are offered a wide range of stimulating opportunities to meet with like-minded friends.


The Club publishes a quarterly magazine Harmony on this website. The magazine includes the programme of future events and reviews of recent events together with articles on a variety of musical subjects.


The programme for the first three months of 2020 includes 11 events including symphony concerts, chamber music, ballet, a visit to the Saltersí Hall and a City walk. We can also announce the screening in May of another film introduced by its director Tony Palmer, and this time the subject is Rachmaninov


This year we will hold our annual dinner on January 15th rather than in December, avoiding the usual rush of activities in December. This will be something to look forward to after the end of the Christmas festivities. The guest speaker will be the celebrated soprano Janis Kelly.


The Club is particularly delighted to inform members that overseas tours are starting again. In association with Vamos Travel Ltd we have arranged a visit to Riga in June 2020 for performances of Don Giovanni, The Queen of Spades and the Verdi Requiem. Details are included in Harmony and all members are fully informed in the December Newsletter. This tour is exclusively for members. The deadline for booking a place is 15th January. Non members who are interested may contact Committee Member Katharine Chasey Turton (0207 281 5074, 07769 658381) for more about the tour and how to join The Music Club of London.


Details of all the events mentioned here are described in Harmony edition 267 on this website. Application forms for tickets will be sent to members with the Newsletter posted early in December.



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