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This month's composer is Alban Berg, born 2nd September 1885


The Music Club of London exists to bring together people with a common interest in (mainly) classical music. In normal times we arrange group visits to events including concerts, recitals, operas, and ballets, together with other social meetings. After more than a year of almost continuous lockdown, I am sure that the anticipated relaxation of Covid restrictions in July is very encouraging for us all, but we will not be able to resume any of our usual events until the autumn. However, we have started our series of meetings using Zoom, an internet based system. Other organisations have found Zoom events to be both popular and successful.

The first two events have been well received and are now available by following these links: For the David Edwards presentation on the Shakespearian operas of Verdi: https://youtu.be/S5p-KGLw-oM For the Malcolm Rivers interview on his working with Benjamin Britten: https://youtu.be/xppnbm5vRgo A further Zoom event is planned for Thursday 22nd July. Details are on the Events page. After that event we will assess demand and consider whether to continue these into the future. The Riga tour planned for last year was postponed until June 2021. However, the impact caused by the severity of Covid 19 meant that this year the trip was again postponed. Members who have booked have the choice of deferring again until 2022 or having a refund of their deposit. It is hoped that a visit will take place next year but it is likely that the venue will change to another European city. We hope that tours arranged on our behalf by Vamos Travel will be regular features of our future programmes.

If you are interested in receiving advance information on future tours please contact Katharine Chasey Turton, (020 7281 5074, katharine.chasey@btinternet.com, 21 Gresley Road, London N19 3LA). Until our activities were curtailed by the Covid pandemic The Music Club of London published a quarterly magazine Harmony on this website. It is hoped to restart publication of Harmony as soon as we have events to be reviewed. Our Annual General Meeting planned for Thursday April 30th 2020 at the Lancaster Hall Hotel, London W2 was cancelled. It is expected that an AGM will be held in November 2021, covering the two year period ending on 31st December 2020. We are planning our Christmas Dinner in December at the RAF Club in Piccadilly. More details will be published in out Newsletter. Despite the current restrictions on social events we still welcome all who wish to join our friendly organization. An Application Form for membership is on this website. 0ur Membership Secretary is Margaret Murphy margaretmurphy567@gmail.com, You may also contact our Secretary Ian Slater, by email to iw.slater@ntlworld.com or by telephone on 0208 529 3786 for more information. The committee of The Music Club of London sends good wishes to all members and to all visitors to this website. Keep safe, keep well!

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