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This month's composer is Nicolai Medtner born 5th January 1880

This year, each month's composer was born on the 5th of the month (unless no notable composer was born on the 5th)

The Music Club of London exists to bring together people with a common interest in (mainly) classical music. In normal times we arrange group visits to events including concerts, recitals, operas, and ballets, together with other social meetings.


The Covid pandemic prevented almost all live events for eighteen months. During that time we arranged three zoom events that were very well received by those who took part. David Edwards discussed the Shakespearean operas of Verdi, Malcolm Rivers spoke of his work with Benjamin Britten and Robert Mansell explored the colourful love life of Franz Liszt.


The events were recorded and can be seen by following theses links.


David Edwards: https://youtu.be/S5p-KGLw-oM


Malcolm Rivers: https://youtu.be/xppnbm5vRgo


Robert Mansell: https://youtu.be/ekumAvcK7h8


Now that most aspects of life are slowly returning to some sort of normality the Music Club activities are starting again. It is with pleasure that we can outline our plans for the coming months. Full details are in the Newsletters posted each quarter to our members.


In the Newsletter of August 2021 we gave details of our Christmas Dinner, to be held  on Wednesday 8th December, this year at the Cavalry and Guards Club in Piccadilly. Our special guests will be the celebrated soprano Dame Anne Evans and her husband John Lucas. Places are still available and the application form was included in the August Newsletter. If you need more information contact our Secretary  Ian Slater by phone or email:


020 8529 3786, iw.slater@ntlworld.com.


In the December Newsletter we will publish a programme of concerts and recitals to take place between January and March of 2022 in London and so continuing a Music Club activity that has always been very popular with our members.


Also in the August Newsletter  we announced a tour to Budapest for three operas. We will have  best category seats for Gotterdammerung, the Marriage of Figaro and Don Carlo and stay in a four star, beautifully restored hotel just three minute's walk from the Opera House. Full details are in the August Newsletter. At the end of September a  few places remained. If you are interested please contact Committee Member Katharine Chasey Turton by phone or email for more information:


020 7281 5074, katharine.chasey@btinternet.com.


Overseas tours have been a major feature in our programme and were previously organised by Committee Member Bryan Suitters who has now retired. The tour has been arranged for us by Vamos Travel Ltd at a very reasonable price noticeably lower than that charged by other tour operators. Those who have travelled with Vamos will be aware that the quality of their tours is excellent.


We welcome all who wish to join our friendly organization. An Application Form for membership is on this website. 0ur Membership Secretary is Margaret Murphy,




The committee of The Music Club of London sends good wishes to all members and to all visitors to this website.


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