Terry Barfoot


    My wife and I have been going to Terry's weekend music events for well over ten years.  Soon after we started, he told me that the Arts in Residence website, www.artsinresidence.co.uk, was maintained for him by the husband of a friend of Jan, the friend's husband being a very busy person. The result was that frequent timely updating was not realistically available.  When he heard that I run websites he asked me if I would take over the job.  I found that he had paid a commercial website authoring company to create the site in the first place, but not to maintain it, this was done as explained above.  For a long time after I took over, I left the name of the original creators of the site showing at the bottom of the home page, but then removed it as by that time I had made so many changes and improvements that it was a virtually different animal.  I gave Terry excellent service in that changes were usually uploaded straight away and always within twenty four hours.  Terry never paid me for my services, except by way of a place or places at events in each season.

    I visited Terry twice during his enforced stay at home, waiting for the experts to decide on his treatment. On the first occasion he was quite cheerful, even planning events to take place in 2021.  But on the second visit he was noticeably subdued, not without good reason, as it transpired.

   I have a DICTIONARY OF MUSICAL THEMES, compiled by Barlow and Morgenstern.  You simply transpose a theme into the key of C regardless of the length of the notes - for example CDEbDCCDEbDCEbFG - and look it up in the index.. This takes you to page M52, Mahler 1st Symph 3rd mvt, alias Frere Jacques in the minor key. Grieg has pages of themes listed one to a line whilst Halverson has only four themes - clearly the book's usefulness is limited.  But Terry was my walking B and M, very rarely did he fail to identify a theme when I whistled it to him. He would not only tell you which Bruckner symphony it came from, but even give you the movement!

  Dot and I virtually attended his funeral, streamed live over www.obitus.com and available for a further 7 days after.  The service was completely lay, not a hymn nor a prayer.  Nevertheless, RIP Terry.


            FROM:- Dave May - a.k.a. "IanHickman" - Music Club of London webmaster.